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This web page contains a set of links leading to the details of the project's major steps, an overview, a list of features, and a short list of gotchas.

Project Macro Steps/Phases


This project extends the prior projects of Mellis/Igoe and M. J. Ladd (see Additional Information and Supporting Sources section). These prior projects provided "working" ultrasonic speed measuring capable demonstrations . Both prior projects as well as this project employ ultrasonic pinging not RADAR technology. Jumping to radar technology steps across a component/equipment "price-point" which is prohibitive for the current level of involvement. For information regarding DIY radar Doppler consult the two Andrea. Spiess presentations given in the Additional Information and Supporting Sources section. (Arduino and/or Genuino should equivalent for this project. But Genuino has not been tested)

Accepting the cost/technology limits of ultrasonic pinging this project extends prior work by adding salient new features. It serves as a great stepping-off point for future electronic/Arduino DIY soirées. This project assumes that you are familiar with Arduino libraries, basic Sloeber/Eclipse IDE (Integrated development environment) housekeeping, the individual Arduino board you have on-hand, and how to setup a session between your IDE and the Arduino board. If not search the Internet for assistance. A few Internet "Rally Points For Assistance" are provided near the end of this Instructable

Abbottanp "Ultrasonic Speed Gun" Features

Oops. It Seems A Little Short

Below are the shortcomings involved in this design:

  1. The Ultrasonic sensors of this caliber have very limited range for detection of motion.
  2. Sound waves are slow compared to radar (high-frequency electromagnetic waves).
  3. This design is not suitable for focusing on small, distant objects like a pitched baseball.
  4. This design needs an aiming or cross-hair enhancemnt for target acquistion.

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