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Ultrasonic Speed Gun Hardware Aspect of the Project:

No soldering is required to assemble or connect the hardware components of this Instructable. It will be difficult but not impossible to hurt your self or equipment as long as you stay within the power range of the USB and Arduino board. But, eye protection should be worn throughout the execution of this Instructable. Caution must be observed when employing the cable crimpers, wire strippers, cable test clips, and header pins. Do not leave the Arduino powered unattended.

Primary Components & Materials

1 Arduino Mega256 or Arduino Uno
1 Me Ultrasonic Sensor V3.0 or suitable replacement
1 Cable with RJ25 cable male jacks on each ends
1 Cable with RJ25 cable on one end and one end with six wires stripped about a 1/4 inch
3* Cables with color coded Test Clips such as Pomona Electronic MINI HOOK TO MINI HOOK 24
* If ultrasonic sensor employs trigger and echo signals an additional cable with test clips will be required.
1 Dynacom K Jack Cat3 6P6C P/N 10600K-6-BK connector of suitable alternative

From Seeed Grove Starter Kit (Or suitable replacements)

1 Seeed Base Shield 1 Grove RGB Backlight LCD
1 Grove Button
1 Grove Buzzer
1 Grove LED Socket with LED installed
4 Grove Cables (four pin connectors)

Arduino Hardware

1 PC with USB port under Ubuntu OS or equivalent Windows/Mac OS
1 AB USB cable for uploading to Arduino
1 USB or Battery Power Source
3 Header Socket Pins or suitable alternative

Recommended Tooling & Hardware

1 Dynacom Kwik Tool P/N 3190-KT Cat 3 5e and 6
1 Klein VDV226-011 Crimper for RJ25 Jack
1 Klein Wire Stripper 11057 suitable for wire/cable used on project.
1 Piece of Shrink Tube for isolation of VCC signal

Extra Credit Materials

1 PC Audio cable with TRS male connector on one end and one end with Red, White, Yellow exposed
2 Arduino Header Individual Pins or Suitable Pin Strips
1 Oscilloscope Application Either or both from:

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