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Hardware Preliminaries

1> Inventory the materials prior to start of assembly.
2> Secure appropriate pin layout (MEGA256 Arduino or Arduino Uno) for reference.

2.1> Arduino Mega256:
2.2> Arduino Uno:

3> Cable-Up
3.1> Cable 1: Build an RJ25 cable of convenient length with two RJ25 Jacks
3.1.1> Plug one of the RJ25 Jacks into the Me Ultrasonic sensor
3.1.2> Set this cable aside for the moment.
3.2> Cable 2: For a convenient length RJ25 expose five wires on both ends of the cable two inches.
3.2.1> Cable 2 End 1> Secure the Dynacom K Jack Cat3 6P6C> Place the White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow Blue wires in their appropriate
locking slots in the connector as shown in Image> Insert this subassembly as show in the connector instruction sheet
into the Dynacom K Jack Cat3 6P6C tool> Squeeze the handles of the tool to secure and terminate the wires.> Install the cap to isolate the wires.> Set the cable and connector aside for the moment.
3.3.2.> Cable 2 End 2> Strip the exposed Red, Green, and White wires exposing about
a 1/8 to a 1/4 inch of bare wire.> Clip one end of the Red wire to a Red test clip
3 3.2.3> Clip one end of the Green wire to the Green test clip.> Clip one end of the White wire to the White test clip.> Install the RJ25 connector of 3.1.2 running from the Me Ultrasonic Sensor
into the RJ25 jack of the K Cat 6P6C> Set this subassembly aside for the moment.

3.3 > Completion of the Sensor Cable Assembliy

The ultrasonic sensor cable assembly should look similar to that shown in the above image. The three dangling test clips will by employed in the next section.

4> Arduino + Base Shield + Cables Mating
4.1> Install the Seed Grove Base Shield (See the Seed Grove Starter Kit Rally Point).
4.2> Install three unassigned test clips of Cable End 2 to the Base Shield.
4.2.1> The Green test clip locks to the GND pin of the Base Shield as shown.
4.2.2> The Red test clip locks to the 5V pin 4.
4.2.3> The White test clip locks to the Digital Pin 4.

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