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This web page contains "skip ahead" assumption, details a new Arduino user might find helpful in doing a check ride, and a collection of helpful images with comments.

Skip Ahead Assumption

If you have Arduino board programming experince and feel comfortable working with with your selected IDE you can skip to the next page. Just return to the main page.

Setup For Check Ride

Connect the Arduino board to the PC used to this project

Verify board status led lights upon connection to a power source
Become familiar with the board's reset button

Using either Sloeber (recommended) or Arduino IDE
Verify the proper USB port is addressed by the IDE
Create a new Arduino sketch/project

Create Check Ride Program
Give Project and Sketch a suitable test/clear/default name.
NOTE: By default the IDE will create a minimal code template
Perform the Arduino Verify operation.
Verify that the minimal code template looks similar to Image
Perform the Arduino Upload operation
NOTE: A "barebones project" can be used to clear the Arduino

Close Check Ride
Troubleshoot as needed.
Unplug (power-off) the Arduino

Helpful Images

Link Comment
Create New Project Image displays annotation for creating a new project/sketch.
Display test_bareBones.ino Image depicts the actions necessary to view the contents of a project resource file.
Internal LED Blinker Code Provides the code for the more adventurous Arduino user to demonstrate "touching" the Arduino board from the selected IDE.
Common buttons Both IDE's have a verify and an upload button.

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