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This web page contains working assumptions, a list of hardware/software integration task to perform, and a collection of helpful images with comments.

Working Assumptions

We are ready to proceed if:

Hardware preliminaries are complete.
Software preparations are complete for the IDE selected.
USB connection between the PC, IDE, and Arduino board is available.

System Integration

Let's kick it forward with everything disconnected and powered-down:

Connect the PC to Arduino USB cable.
Connect the Arduino + Base + Mating Cable assembly to Arduino cable.
Power the PC.
Invoke the selected IDE application.
Open the a031_speed_gun_004 project.
Highlight the project
Add a new serial port to the monitor.
Execute the "Verify" task.
Troubleshoot as needed.
Execute the "Upload" task.
Troubleshoot as needed.
Verify the Serial port communication "Setup fina: 2019".
Troubleshoot as needed.
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Helpful Images

Link Comment
Common buttons Both IDE's have a verify and an upload button.
Successful verify operation A successful verify results in a notification that the build finished with zero errors.
Upload program to Arduino board Given that the USB connection has been setup, a proper upload should result in a message that the avrdude is done.
Upload begins a cycle If the upload is successful and the "serial monitor view" is active then that tab should reflect message similar as shown. It it fails the message will not show

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