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This web page contains a set of links leading to the details of the project's major steps, an overview, a list of features, and a short list of gotchas.

Project Macro Steps/Phases


To save time and effort every attempt was made to "reuse" exisitng hardware and software from prior Arduino -Sloeber projects. As a result the reviewer may see extraneous unintended references to the xystepper and ultrasonic speed gun. These references as well as grammar/spelling issue will be resolved as the project matures.

Helpful comments and observations are appreciated.

Abbottanp "Chickadee Ventilator" Features

Oops. It Seems A Little Short

Below are the shortcomings of the Chickadee Ventilator Simulator Platform:

  1. As presented here this simulator platform is not a therapeutic device.
  2. The design evloved from non-medical engineers reading of interpertation the introduced references published on the projects index.html page. There has been little to no peer review or critique.
  3. The design is limited by the program memory of the controlling Arduino board.
  4. As implemented the design has significant power limitation.
  5. No attention was paid to potntial impact of Boyles Idea Gas Law on the simulator.
  6. This project was implemented with "lowcost" surplus steppers.
  7. Pressure gauges, insipration/expiration valves, leadsrcrew, saddle, and psiton head were not available in the exisitng project's inventory.
  8. The piston style inspiratory and expiratory may not be realistic.
  9. Arduino stacking headers and connecting pins faciliate assembly but may serve as quality/reliability issues.
  10. Precision in movement depends on coupling of the stepper shaft with linear and angular devices such as leadscrews and couplers.
  11. The available stppers proved to be marginaly able to conform to the minimum BPM requirement.
  12. Stepper's "STEPS_PER_INCH" needs confirmation by test/measurement.
  13. The difference between Ubuntu/Linux and Windows EOL, end-of-line, have not yet been tested with regard to parsing the contents of the dilni.ngc text file.
  14. This simulator prototype has no reduncancy built into it.
  15. Calibration has not been addressed for this prototype.
  16. There is no troubleshooting chart available for this prototype.
  17. Portions of the project's documentation is incomplete and/or untested.

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