Simulator Platform

NC Chickadee
Synthesized From
Mechanical Ventilator Design
Implemented Using
Opensource Software,
FreeCAD, And
Arduino Boards/Shields

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This web page contains a strong disclaimer/license, a brief discussion concerning evolution of this "low cost ventilator", working assumption, a set of references, a brief report of progress/status, and a collection of helpful images with comments.


1> The project presented here as a lowcost Ventilator Simulator Platform. It is not a qualified medical device at any level. This projects as presented here is not qualifed for any medical application. The project as presented should serve as a test platform and simulator supporting further development of the bio-medical equipment.

2> No warranty is made regarding the servicability or fitness for use of this low cost prototype ventilator. A user may employ, enjoy or engage in this project under the terms of he GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) as OpenSource software licenses that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software. All copyrights privildeges are reserved.

Evolution of Project

The goal of this project was to gain a layman's level of understanding of the complexity of ventilators. This understanding was to be added to my CommonPlace Book of knowledge. While chasing this pursuit various seacrh strings associated with Forrest Bird led to the referensnces listed further below. The question eventually became one of "can CNC style machines possibly accomplish some level of ventilator fucntionality" using only components currently "on-hand"? Once that has been achieved can the resulting venitlator simulation platform serve a useful purpose as a learnig resource?

Working Assumptions:

The working assumptions are:


  • MIT Project. CopyPaste URL**:
  • Theory of Operation. CopyPaste URL**:
  • Excellent Introduction Class.CopyPaste URL**:
  • The project's artifacts are available for download from GITHUB , Copy/Paste URL**:
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    Global Findings:

    The following points have been determined:

    Preliminary Images

    Image Comment
    See Verified Three Axis CNC Machine for a brief discussion of the "starting point" for the prototype sytem. Inaddition to the LCD and LED extended from the Base Shield a push button extends from digital port 6. An buzer extends from the Base Shields digitial port 5. The roles/function of the pushbutton, buzzer, and each stepper will evlove as the design matures.
    View from Sloeber IDE showing the feedback from Arduino controller via the USB port of the prototype ventilator
    Changes made to dilni.ngc confirmed by test.
    Initial creation of the 3D model of the respitory schematic as rendered in FreeCAD 0.18.4

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