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C++/C Integrated Development Environment

Refer to Java Integrated Development Enviornment (IDE).

Theory of Operation: Abbott IDE Framework

The IDE uses a user facing front end to construct a graphical rendering of the application. Components such as Window, Form, Button, Label. Text, etc. are selected from a component palette. The variety of the component palette is dependent upon the maturity of the IDE. The selected component is placed in the workspace. Each component has a property sheet that collects properties and events associated with the component. Then the user begins to describe the syntax using relation lines and component groupings. This collection of components and relationships builds a corresponding syntax rendering of the application. Once the user deems the program/application is mature, the entire collection of components and syntax is submitted to the appropriate language compiler for execution. The results are a machine executable code rendering of the application and batch/script files so the user can replicate the process as needed from outside the IDE.

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