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12/28/2021 Author's Comments
Title Page
A work of fiction's title page information and copytright. A work of wiction soley for entertainment value.
List of Characters
TomJones: Central figure
SanrdaJones: Wife of TomJones
AminuBalaji: Nigerian friend
MadukaBankole: A friend from Aminu' Nigerian village with a duaghter who may have eloped.
StacyBanks: Maduka's missing daughter who works as a freelance reporter in Atlanta.
FrankWilson: Stacy's significant other who works as an independent software contractor.
WeliOlude: A fellow Nigerian purchased abandon storage bins, pods, etc. for export.
Delo: An employee of Aminu's who is long time friend of Stacy.

Gentleman 1 & 2 Evil cut-outs
Top Predator Point of Evil

Bob Jones Triple 3 Game Farm Meers, OK
Deputy Adair ditto
Deputy Joyner ditto
Ed Parton ditto

Elder of Justice A levening avenger of justice from Nigeria with an Edinburgh Upper Class accent.
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 is composed of eight fragments used to set the hook.
Chapter 2
A serendipity auction purchase provides a potential answer to a missing reporter.
Chapter 3
The first look inside the lifes of the missing young couple.
Chapter 4
Locating the missing bread crumb in the mass of chaff.
Chapter 5
Reaching inside the code for an answer.
Chapter 999
The Top Predator does not escape justice.
No where

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