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Hardware and Software Reliability Papers

Unit Testing

Tom Rooker's ASQ technical article titled Unit Testing-Approaches, Tools, Traps ">Unit Testing-Approaches, Tools, Traps gives a survey on unit testing. This articale is a practical engineering approach to unit testing. The paper gives the "what, why, and who" associated with unit testing. The approach is applicable to units destined for either software application and firmware. The information presented is portable to the various programming languages. It is also scalable to meet the demands of complex projects. Finally, the presentation discusses the "non-silver bullet" aspects of unit testing. The article was originally developed from a presentation given to the Research Trianlge Park Software Process Improvement Network (SEI).

Markovian Approach to Software Testing

Tom Rooker's "Knowing When to Say When"presentation describes the implementation of the Markovian approach to software testing. This approach yields a guaranteed level of software performance in the field. This technical paper provides the complete definition of the approach, a process template, formuli, etc.

Warranty Planning under Monte Carlo Simulation

Tom Rooker's paper on Warranty Program Planning puts forth an algorithm employing Monte Carlo simulation of expected field performance. This model is further enhanced with the introduction of economic costs associated with normal field actions. Finally matching this model the user can develop decision parameters for determining when the field performance and field cost fall out side of acceptable limits. This algorithm serves as the foundation for Abbott's implementation of AAP071: Warranty Planning.

Graphical System Analysis

Lorna Love and Chris Johnson present an excellent paper dealing with diagrams to support the analysis of system failure and operator error.

Case Study Employing Fault Tree Analysis

Chris Johnson present a case study using fault tree analysis to visualize the relationship between human error and organizational failure.

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