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Would you like desktop access to our user population? How about direct access to students at the eleven universities using our software? Or would you like to have employees from the four US Government agencies using our software to contact you using our "click through links"? If yes, then we can provide you with desktop linkage as well as hot spot buttons from our web site to any Internet portal. Announce your presence to the world wide quality, reliability, safety, maintainability, threat abatement, and software development/test community using our portals or direct links to your web site message.

What you are seeing is a basic portal web page. Instead of coming to this portal web page, a sponsor can elect to have a link set to any web site on the Internet. Alternately a sponsor may elect to have AAP provide portal web hit statistics, a store front, or web hosting.

This is a courtesy link to Korean Test Labs {Click Here}. It is provided here as an example. Please visit their web site via this portal. The usage of their icon image and linkage to their website does not reflect any endorse by them of AAP. If you are looking for a solid quality/reliability engineering contractor in the Pacific basin you should consider this organization.

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