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User Access to Sponsor Sites Via Desktop Speed Buttons, Banners, and Billboards


Sponsor Program
Abbott Analytical Products {AAP} provides software to the global engineering and software community without charge. The number of registered users of our software continues to increase dramatically. Our users continuously access AAP tools to help solve their particular problems. AAP sponsor program was conceived as an opportunity to help defray the cost associated with the development and maintenance of these tools. It also gives sponsoring organizations the opportunity to gain recognition and branding within this community.

The sponsor may elect to have the user go directly to the sponsor's sites or through a sponsor specific AAP distribution site. A sponsor specific AAP distribution site is available for sponsors who want to leverage AAP's web design capabilities. For example a distribution site might offer the user opportunities to to go to a sponsor's parts cross reference, engineering support function, regional sales representatives, and sponsor's home page. The distribution site focuses the user's attention on specific pre-defined attributes of the sponsor.

Various levels of user "hit" information can be collected and passed to the sponsors subject to AAP user contact policies.

There is a one time setup charge and a monthly/annual service charge. The setup and service charges also depend upon the level of user "hits" tracking that the sponsors wants to engage.

Try a basic button sponsorship for $299. That fee includes a one time setup link to a website or email "mailto" and a button for link from the Vendor/Resources palette. The fee includes "rent" for two months. The sponsor will have access to a monthly "hit" count.

To contact Abbott about sponsorship opportunities click here.

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