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Squirrel Chase
Vehicle Platform

Android Controlled
Arduino Vehicle
Implemented Using
Opensource Software,

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This web page contains a disclaimer/license, a brief discussion concerning evolution of this "squirrel chaser", working assumption, a set of references, a brief report of progress/status, and a collection of helpful images with comments.


1> The project presented here is a user controlled squirrel-chaser Platform. The vechile described and produced is not harmful to humans or small critters. It is not a qualified for utilization beyond the development environment. The project as presented should serve as a test platform and simulator supporting further development of the vehicle developemnt.

2> No warranty is made regarding the servicability or fitness for use of this squirrel-chaser. A user may employ, enjoy or engage in this project under the terms of he GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) as OpenSource software licenses that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software. All copyrights privildeges are reserved.

Evolution of Project

The goal of this project was to engage small critters in a non-harmful manner encouraging them to migrate to regions less populated. The design experience, skills, and understanding provided a valuable contribution to my CommonPlace Book of Knowledge

Working Assumptions:

The working assumptions are:

  • Ability to read technical material and translate into specification/work-product.
  • Experience creating Arduino project content within Sloeber or similar IDE.
  • A capability to adapt hardware as need to integrate with software to accomplish a task.
  • The design implementation is limited to using only parts that are currently in the current shop/lab inventory.


  • Documents specific to the Android-WIFI-Arduino squirrel-chaser vehicle control
  • Documents specific to the Gamepad-Arduino-OTG-Android user interface.
  • Status:

    Details of Project Branches

    Image Branch
    See Android-WIFI-Arduino development branch.
    See Gamepad-OTG-Android development branch.

    Please send comments or questions using e-mail. (Last update: September 8, 2020 tar)