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This webpage contains information, a disclaimer, links to supporting web pages for the creation/printing of a vintage Christmas Card, helpful images, and links to graphic images suitable for printing.


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Evolution of Project

The goal of this project was to reproduce a vintage Christmas Card from 1968 and allow non-commercial distribution.

Working Assumptions:

The working assumptions are:


  • OpenSource LibreOffice Draw. Mac, Windows, Linux Copy-Paste URL**:
  • Note: ** Some browsers do not allow links to these sites from their anchors.



    The following observations were made:

    Helpful Images

    Image Comment
    The LibreOffice Draw Opensource graphic application was used to view and edit the rendered low and high quality versions of the Christmas Card.
    Download File Low quality rendering (320dpi) of Christmas card both front and inside images on one plate.
    Download File Fine quality rendering (800dpi) of Christmas card displaying one cadet image on the first plate with three colors. Note that the red and green will only print as colors on color printers. Otherwise the objects will print as black-gray-white.
    Download File Fine quality rendering (800dpi) of Christmas card displaying two cadets on the second plate displaying only black-gray-white.

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