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This web page contains a strong disclaimer/license, a brief discussion concerning evolution of this FGMOSFET Electron Reservoir Power Source, working assumption, a set of references, a brief report of progress/status, and a discussion of fingdings to date.


1> The project presented here is a proposed Floating Gate Electron Reservoir Power Source. It is not a qualified component/device/module at any level. This projects as presented here is not qualifed for any electrical/electronic/power application. The project as presented should serve as a test platform and simulator supporting further development of a modular mobile power source. The usage of this power source need not be limited to ground mobile applicaitons.

2> No warranty is made regarding the servicability or fitness for use of this power. A user may employ, enjoy or engage in this project under the terms of he GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) as OpenSource software licenses that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software. All copyrights privildeges are reserved. 3> Currently, the project is maintained at as a private project respository. Access can be request from the author using the email form at the bottom of this page.

Evolution of Project

The Holy Grail:

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Where the Short Story - Long Story Merge:
Recently a 'what-iffing' proposal to retrofit an existing diesel powered vehicle for eventual title transfer to my grandsons 'hit' the Lithium battery obstacle. It was roughly two-thirds of the total project cost as well as roughly a twenty percent addition in vehicle weight and a corresponding projected drop in vehicle performance/range.

Facing this obstacle, the search for the Holy Grail started. The search evolved a solution incorporating proven basics established in the 1920's -1930's and minor 'tweaking' of modern electrical materials. Initial design work has reached a threshold where it is time to reach-out for additional resources, engage in intellectual property protection, fund prototyping, and discuss licensing arrangements.

Working Assumptions:

The working assumptions are:


This project is an excellent example of standing upon giants shoulder so the you can see the future. The table given below is but a partial list on the giants that played a role in the project's maturity.

The references are split into a short list of "primary" references given directly below and into the Supporting Reference section table given at the bottom of the page. The reader may also come across images and spreadsheet references. A complete set of project notes provide a "grubbing trail" that was followed to reach a level of knowledge required to carry this project to its current status. That set of development notes is available upon request.

Primary References:
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Note: ** Some browsers do not allow links to these sites from the URL anchor shown. If so, then Copyand Paste URL.


Global Findings:

The following points have been determined:

Supporting References

Note: ** Some browsers do not allow links to these sites from the URL anchor shown. If so, then Copyand Paste URL.
URL** Comment This URL is truly where the Quest for the Holy Gail started. The URL provided is the first of a youtube series covering conversion of exisiting street vehicle to electric. This is a 'fine detail' series which is targetted at the DIY-Plus project. It contains one of the best discussion of the impact of the 'Battery Pack' on the design of EV's. Within the series it introduces motors, controllers, coupleres, etc. Their web page is A collection of salient images from the various presentations was been and transposed to 'numbers' in a PDF printout of a spreadsheet used for 'what-iffing'. The spreadsheet helped to focus a 'ballpark' dollar numbers of the original 'personal objective'. Wikipedia introduciton to VNAND memory devices. This article alludes to many supporting links suggesting further study. An excellent technical study by Steven Rapp Simulation Model of Floating Gate Transiston that goes into great detail. Presentation showing relationship of charge the accumulation of charge in the floating-gate featrue of FGMOSFET. It also discusses pulsing to acquire a specific floating gate voltage design goal. A technical article submitted as classwork regarding quantum tunneling in transistors. One of many excellent MIT classroom lectrues by Prof. Walter Lewin. The lectrue 8.02x - Lect 4 - Electrostatic Potential, Electric Energy, Equipotential held particular interest for this project. See timestamp 40:01 for example of electron moving between trashCan and metalCup. The subsequnet timestamp 41:20 provides a solution to regarding the velocity of electrons Chris Ramos presents "3D Flash NAND Architecture". This is helpful in regards to the visualization needed for rendering FreeCAD subassembly and assembly VNAND models. MOSFET_model_for_analog_circuit_simulation_and_design A study by C Zhang Hasan titled "A new floating-gate MOSFET model for analog circuit simulation and design." It essentially re-confirms M. Cullinan prior work product using non-OpenSource tooling. A video titled "How Does Flash Memory Work? (SSD) Birth of VNAND Memory" that helps to explain and visualize VNAND. _gl=1*17s488p*_ga*MTMwNjM3NTA5Ny4xNjU5NTQ4OTQ1*_ga_ TQKE4GS5P9*MTY1OTU0O Dk0NC4xLjAuMTY1OTU0ODk0NC4w A techncial paper titled "floating gate transistor (FGT)" with excellent excellent drawings which are very helpful in gaining an understanding of floating gates. A must see video titled "The Engineering Puzzle of Storing Trillions of Bits in your Smartphone / SSD using Quantum Mechanics". It provides an annimated viedeo view at the electron quantum physics level. Watch it through the first time without stopping the video. Then start/stop as need to capture images that are 'key' to understanding. The Whole Ball of Wax on VNAND materials can be found here. This doctorial thesis provides a clear background regarding VNAND and Floating Gates. This artifact is the closest I was able to come to the reference M. Cullinan made to P. Pavan, L. Acher, Amroroli "Operation and Compact modeling" technical artifact that I was able to obtain OpenSource. It couple very closely with M. Cullinan work product.
follow-up with video
Video for VNAND Memory with great drawings. This is a video discussing bitlines, word-lines, etc. This video traces changing planar to 3d via folding and standing. KEadjVrVlnc&list=PLSHXXkQ-R9aQ8ves5yCt36 TkxIWo6D0B5&index=5
follow-up with video electric field
at timestamp 8:21 v=4mmOX4MrVug&list=PLSHXXkQ-R9aQ8ves5yCt36 TkxIWo6D0B5&index=4
This is the BEST of a bundle of videos dealing with VNAND technology. This particular video centers on electron charge storage in floating gate. Pay paarticular attention to the timestamp 2:14. gate-in-read-write-and-erase-operations-of-a-flash-memory-cell This QUORA article provides axcellent visual rendering the VNAND architecture Presents a good set of specifications for the Kia Niro EV The offical but not very helpful webpage.
Note: ** Some browsers do not allow links to these sites from the URL anchor shown. If so, then Copyand Paste URL.

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