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Table of Projects:

This collection of projects serves as my virtual Common Place Book. For additional thoughts about collecting useless information see Newton, Waste Book and combinatory play .

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Summer-Fall 2022: Floating Gate Electron Reservoir Power Source implemented virtually in FreeCAD and simulated in QUCS. This design awaits further funding to pursue SPICE and semiconductor foundary prototyping. Angle funding and sponsorship/champion is acctively being sought. Stay tune for furhter developments as they happen.
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Fall 2021: Progessive-Battery-Discharge-Assembly employing FreeCAD, HK USC components, and basic mechanical concpets presented in a 1865 patent 47,631 for a Battery Guns. This is a street legal manually driven assembly set of CAD drawings with annimation. This design has not yet been prototyped or field tested. Various vendors have been contacted seeking sponnsorship.
2018-21: Uses the Sherline NexGen CNC, FreeCad, Wanho 3D printing, Cura 3D design printing
  • Updated Fishing lures with plastic lips
  • Brass engraving
  • Craved boxes, puzzle boxes
  • Wind mobiles
2021: Reproduction of a 8-6-4-2 pistol/rifle target. This project sought to provide a non-commerical printable target suitable for pistol and rifle target and scope target needs of a typical user.
2020: Reproduction of a favorite Christmas Card purchased in 1968. This project was undertaken as a releif valve while closing in on Christmas 2020 and reaching a tough spot in the Critter Chaser.
2020: A WIFI remote control ground mobile vehicle for harmlessly engaging squirrels, chipmunks, and other small critters. The purpose of this vehicle to encourage ground critters to migrate to a more suitable region. This ground vehicle is controlled by a gamepad using joystick motion, a speed control, and buttons for prompting flashes, buzzers, LEDs, etc. The user remotely controls the vehicle over WIFI via a gamepad-OTG-Android system component. The vehicle itself receives its WIFI directions/instructions via an on-board WIFI shield-Arduino Mega256.
2020: Synthesized lowcost ventilator simulator platform from Arduino Mega256 XY CNC machine prototype and the a proof of concept for a mechanical ventilator design. This shunkworks ventilator is suitable for testing control software. Preparing this ventilator simulator platform for any environment other than proof of concpet is beyond the scope of this project.
2019-20: Ultrasonic Speed Gun using Arduino Mega256, Base Shield, Sensor. It also incorporates the an Low Frequency Oscilloscope
2017: OrSCAD, PyCAM, HeeksCAD, and early Sherline NexGen CNC
2016: Beginning experimentation with Arduinos applied to Computer Numeric Controllers, CNC.
2015: Converting the HKUSC to allow indoor range practice by an old bolo.
2015: WIP. A migration effort was initiated in 2015 to move a large part of the prior Turbo Pascal from that platofrm to Free Pascal Complier/Lazarus/MySQL platform. Progress is based upon demand for a specific application or module.
2014: WIP. Communication panel for RS232 protocol. Originally designed to support linkage between exercise equipment and PC. The project was expanded to include dialout, breakout box, telephony, and RS232-USB features.
2013: Smart Phone testbed designed to support test phone applications. The test tool was developed in Eclipse IDE using web applicaiton and javascript.
2010: Cmpl. Classic automobile show album for web applicaitons using Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Java, etc.
2005: Wip. Graphical user interface for creating SAS® style data steps. The data step employs a subset of the data statements as published by SAS®. The data step will execute in the similar manner as documented by SAS®. It will read and write data from CSV or other delimited characters. If sufficient interest is voiced a project to convert the data steps into a compiled C++ or Java applicaiton will be undertaken.
2004: Cmpl. Java Unit Test Manager slow transistion from Borland Delphi to Larzarus/MySQL. But still functional in Windows/Wine environments.
2000: The C++/C Unit Test Manage uses the same Abbott Framework's structural and operational foundation as the Java Unit Test Manager. The C++/C IDE was verified in Window and Wine.
2004: The Abbott Unified Modeling Langauge tool was created based upon the Abbott Fault Tree Analysis Framework model. This graphical tool allows the user to generate the various actors and cases used in UML. The UML works in Window and Wine.
2000: The Java Integrate Development Environment (IDE) uses the Abbott Framework's structural and operational foundation. The Java IDE was verified in Window and Wine.
2000: The C++/C Integrate Development Environment (IDE) uses the Abbott Framework's structural and operational foundation. The C++/C IDE was verified in Window and Wine.

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